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I love these stories!!!

Originally posted by anxiousgeek at fic index: stargate sg-1

Stargate Fic Index


A Few Possibilities (PG-13) Sam/Joe Faxon
A Good Talking Too (G) Jack/Daniel friendship
A Little Standing Time (PG) Sam/Vala friendship
Abandonment and Irrationality (R) Sam/Cassie
Abstinence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder (or something like that) (NC-17) Sam/Jack
After Dinner (No Mint) (G) Sam/Hammond
Age (G) Sam/Jack
All About Sam (R) Sam/Daniel
All Over Tan (R) Sam/Jack
Annoying (G) Sam/Jack
Another Cigarette (R) Sam/Daniel
Acquiescence Around Me (PG-13) Sam/Hathor
Awkward (PG) Sam/Jack

Back And Forth (PG) Sam!fic
Bad Pick Up Lines (PG-13) Sam/Paul Davis
Bed (NC-17) Sam/Janet
Best. Christmas. Ever. (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Best. New Years Eve. Ever. (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Between Hotels (PG-13) Sam/Jack
Blue For Really Good Sex (R) Sam/Lt. Simmons
Boredom Breeds Bad Ídeas (NC-17) Cam/Vala
Breakfast (NC-17) Sam/Cam, Sam/Cam/Daniel
i Breakfast For Sexual Favours
ii Breakfast For A Week
iii Breakfast For Three Only
iv Breakfast And Dinner
v The Last Breakfast
vi Well, Not Quite The Last Breakfast For Sam and Cam
Bragging Rights (PG) Sam/Jack, Sam/Pete, Jack/Kerry
Breaking Yourself (R/NC-17) Sam/Repli!Carter
Broken (NC-17) Sam/Jack/Daniel Sequel To: Promises
Bounce (PG-13) Janet/Vala
Bunk (PG) Sam/Jack Fireman!verse.

Cake And Condoms (PG-13) Sam/Lorne
Changes (PG) Wormhole X-Treme fic
Compromise (NC-17) Sam/Ba'al
Crutch (NC-17) Sam/Cam

Darkness Intensified (R) Sam/Anubis
Demands (NC-17) Sam/Cam
Different (G) Sam/Jack
Dogs Eyes (PG) Sam/Jack
Duel Attraction (NC-17) Sam/Anise

Emotional Desperation (PG-13) Sam/Teal'c
Even Without Sight (NC-17) Sam/McKay
Excuses (PG) Sam/Kawalski

First Day Fears (G) Sam!fic
First Time (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Five Children That Were Never Born To Members Of SG-1 (PG-13) Sam/Jonas Hanson, Jack/Kynthia, Jack/Laira, Sam/Pete, Sam/Jack
Five Things Sam Carter Would Do If She Was Stuck In A Time Loop (PG) Sam/Jack, Sam/Daniel, Sam/other
For Now (R) SamJack set in The Changling's fireman!Au
For Old Times Sake (R) Sam/Pete
Forever Regret It (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Fury (NC-17) Jack/Pete

Geeks Have Sex Too (NC-17) Geek!Sam/Jack
Girlfriend (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Golden (R) Sam/Osiris
Gravis (G) Sam!fic
Gunshots (R) Sam/Lt. Astor

Happy (R) Sam/Jack
Handle (PG) Pete Shanahan/Helen Magnus Crossover with Sanctuary
High Noon (PG-13) Sam/Janet
How (PG-13-NC-17) Sam/Jack Part of the
i How Jack Met Sam (PG-13)
ii How To Screw Up Your First Date (G)
iii How Many Things Can Go Wrong On A Second Date? (PG-13)
iv How Not To Introduce Your Son To Your New Girlfriend (NC-17)
v How To Be Clueless About Your Relationship (PG-13)
vi How To Die From Pleasure (NC-17)

I Guess We've Got Nothing To Say (G) Sam/Walter Harriman
Imagination (PG-13) Sam/Jack
Interruptions (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Insanity And Revenge Are Pretty Much The Same Thing (As It Turns Out) (NC-17) Sam/Kerry
Intrusions Aren't Always A Bad Thing (NC-17) Janet/Vala
Intrusions Can Often Just Be Interruptions (NC-17) Janet/Vala Sequel to Intrusions Aren't Always A Bad Thing
I Want To Believe (R) Sam/Jack

Just Stories (G) Sam/Vala friendship

Keeping Quiet For Christmas (NC-17) Sam/Daniel

(Lack Of) Trust Exercise (G) Team
Living (G) Sam/Janet
Luck (PG) Sam/Janet friendship, Sam/Jack

Making A Deal (G) Sam/Barrett
Mario Kart (Among Others) (G) Sam!fic
Mills And Boon At The End Of The World (PG-13) Sam/Jack, Cam/Sam
Morphine Moment (G) Sam!fic
Mushrooms (R) Sam Carter/Other (male)

New Woman (NC-17) Sam/Weir
No (NC-17) Sam/Cam
No Bad Thing (PG-13) Sam/Jack
No Foreplay (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Not Quite Camping (PG) Sam/Janet
Not Quite Hearts And Flowers (PG) Sam/Barrett
Not Quite Suffering (G) Sam, Team

Of Course (R) Sam/General Kerrigan
Often (NC-17) Sam/Orlin (some Sam/Pete)
One Jack O'Neill And Lots Of Sam Carters (PG-13) Sam/Jack

Painting (NC-17) Sam/Pete
Pray (NC-17) Sam/Jacob
Promises (NC-17) Sam/Jack/Daniel

Reactions (G) Sam/Pete
Really? (NC-17) Sam/Cam
Reasons To Go (Or Stay) (PG) Sam/Sheppard
Recurrence (PG-13) Sam/Cam
Reputation Of Grief (R) Sam/Pedergast

Scarring (PG) Sam/Pete, Pete!fic
Shuffling At The End Of The World (PG-13) Sam/Cam friendship
Since When (PG-13) Sam/Weir
S'mores (PG) Sam/Thor
(Some Of) The Adventures Of Schrödinger The Cat (PG) Schrödinger!fic
Something To Write About (G) Sam!fic
Sofa, Floor, Coffee Table (NC-17) Sam/Jack
i Jaw Ache
ii Significant Realisations
iii Greedy
Speed Equals Distance Travelled Divided By The Time Of Travel (G) Sam!fic
Stemming The Tide (G) Sam/Jack
Strange Reality (PG) Sam/McKay
Strawberry (PG) Sam/Jack
Subtlety (PG-13) Sam/Jennifer Hailey
Sun, Sea and Shorts (NC-17) Sam/Jack

The Dark Room (NC-17) Sam/Jack Sequel to White
Thirty Seconds Is More Than Enough (G) Sam!fic
This Other Jack (NC-17) Sam/Jack
This Side (G) Sam/Jack
Thrill (R) Sam/Braid, Sam/Vala, Sam/Female
Touching Stars (G) Sam/Weir
Tremor (PG-13) Sam/Daniel
Trigger (PG-13) Sam/Pete
Two Years And Several Clichés (PG) Sam/Pete

Unexpected (R) Sam/Jack, Sam/Daniel
Untitled (R) Sam/Mark

Vacation (Nc-17) SamJack
Vestry (NC-17) Sam/Cam
Vigil (G) Sam/Landry
Void (PG-13) Sam/Fifth, Sam/Pete, Sam/Jack

What Little Fear You Feel (PG) Sam/Pete
White (NC-17) Sam/Jack
Wounded (R) Sam/Cam

You Don't Know What It's Been Like (NC-17) Sam/Other


Changes (PG) Wormhole X-Treme fic

Back And Forth (PG) Sam!fic
First Day Fears (G) Sam!fic
Gravis (G) Sam!fic
Mario Kart (Among Others) (G) Sam!fic
Morphine Moment (G) Sam!fic
Not Quite Suffering (G) Sam, Team
Something To Write About (G) Sam!fic

(Lack Of) Trust Exercise (G) Team
Not Quite Suffering (G) Sam, Team
Shuffling At The End Of The World (PG-13) Sam/Cam friendship

(Some Of) The Adventures Of Schrödinger The Cat (PG)


Trivial Bio

Favorite Quotations:

    "Impossible is a word used by people who think it's easier to accept the world as it is instead of taking risks to change things.
Impossible is not a fact, it's an opinion.
(ADIDAS slogan)

   "You must be the change you want to see in the world." (Mahatma Ghandi)

    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind." (Mahatma Ghandi)

    "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." (Ralph W. Emerson)

    "Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is in prison." (Henry David Thoreau)

Favorite Book:
   Philip Pullman - Norther Light (His Dark Materials Trilogy)
Favorite Movie:
   The Mummy
Favorite TV-series:
   Angel/Buffy tVS
Favorite Music:
   Keiko Matsui
Favorite Food:
   Subway Sandwiches - the low fat ones! ;)
Favorite Drink:
   Japanese Green Tea
Favorite Sports:
   Swimming, Fitness
Favorite Place:
   My Room
Favorite Time of Year:
   Autumn (no allergies, not too hot, not too cold and always wind!)
Favorite Hobby:
   Right now? Singing.
Favorite University-Course:
   "Epistolary Fiction"
Favorite Study-Theme:
   Native American Literature, History and Culture

What I like?
   Summer Rain and Wind - the sound of raindrops hitting wet leaves or wind playing in the trees is something that no money in the world could buy!

What I dislike?
   Intolerant people who think everybody has to live like they do to be considered equal; also I have a strong dislike for people with money who treat less wealthy people like shit just because they don't own as much money. More important than money are character, values and principles!

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